Monday, March 25, 2013

7 Things You Need For Krav Maga Level Testing

A winning effort begins with preparation.
Joe Gibbs 

Level testing is a rewarding challenging that requires preparation.  Being organized can alleviate some of the stress and anxiety of "test day".  Here are 7 tips to prepare...

  1. Know the material.  It is challenging enough to perform techniques and exercises.  If you don't know the terminology or the techniques your test will be a long one.  
  2. Rest and eat well.  Drinking the night before.  Running a 1/2 marathon the day before.  Indulging in an "all you can eat" pancake breakfast.  Enjoying a Lord of the Rings marathon the night before.   No. No. No and No.  Go to bed early and eat well.  
  3. Hydrate.  You will sweat.  Bring water.  Minimize your coffee intake that morning.  
  4. Bring your passport.  To test you need an IKMF passport.  If you don't have one ask your instructor.  In Canada they are $45.  $20 for annual renewal.  
  5. Extra tshirts.  Some people sweat when they blink.  A couple of hours of Krav Maga testing might require a shirt change - unless, of course you prefer a soaked shirt.    
  6. Equipment.  Shin pads (for B2 and above), black pants, running shoes, and yes, a cup/athletic support.  

I know this sounds "new age" but enjoy the process(I won't say "journey").  Whatever the results, you will improve and become a more accomplished practitioner and person.  


Christopher Gagne
Lead Instructor, International Krav Maga Federation, Toronto

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