Friday, October 21, 2016

What are Soft Solutions?: Krav Maga and Appropriate Force

What are soft techniques? 

In the curriculum for the International Krav Maga Federation(IKMF), we have what we call soft techniques or soft solutions.  In general, soft solutions do not involve striking. The most common examples are wrist releases but we have various soft techniques for grab and holds, as well as various techniques in the kids program.

A frequently asked question is: when do we hit or not hit?   Good question?  The answer centers around the notion of appropriate force - what do you have to do to preserve your safety or the safety of someone you are protecting. 

If, for example, you can effectively escape a wrist grab without striking why not?  Of course, if the person is grabbing with the intent of bringing you somewhere else then you must do whatever it takes to make him let go - striking and yes, even biting.

Training needs to address situations that require hard and soft solutions. This gives you more tools to protect yourself and gives you more options to act appropriately to various situations.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Defending From a Sitting Position (Workshop) Oct.29, 4-6pm

We spend much of our time sitting.  At our desks, on public transit, in restaurants/pubs....

This workshop focuses on how to defending from a sitting position.  Learn how to:

  • defend against punches, kicks
  • survive weapon assaults
  • how to get up efficiently

Beginners welcome!

Where: IKMF Toronto - 2156 Yonge St.
When: Saturday Oct. 29th, 4-6pm
Price: 40

For more information please contact:

Christopher Gagne
Lead Instructor, International Krav Maga FederationToronto

Monday, October 3, 2016

5 Week Krav Maga Self Defense Course: Fundamentals (Toronto) November 7 to December 12th , 2016

5 Week Course:  Krav Maga Fundamentals

“First master the fundamentals.” Larry Bird

This course is ideal for beginners or for incumbent students who want to develop their basic skills:
  • ·          palms strikes, elbows, hammer punches, kick, knees...
  •        prevention techniques and tips 
  •       safety in training
  •       escaping holds and grabs
  •       defending on the ground

This course will give you the basic skills to protect yourself and a foundation upon which to develop more advanced techniques. 

There will be various exercises blended in so you will get a nice workout.  Please keep in mind we all have different fitness levels so go at your own pace. 

Where: IKMF Toronto, 2156 Yonge St.
Day: Mondays November 7, 14, 28,  December 5th, 12th
Time: 7 to 8pm (please arrive 5 minutes before class)
What you need: Indoor running shoes, workout clothes, athletic support/cup for men
Price: 100/person + HST = 113

If your have any questions or would like to register please feel free to contact me.

Christopher Gagne
Owner, Lead Instructor
International Krav Maga Federation(IKMF), Toronto