Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Workshop:Surviving Knife Assaults (Expert 4 Jean Paul Jauffret) - Friday, Sept 22rd, 6-9pm

Knife assaults are especially dangerous as they can be fatal and are very difficult to defend. Moreover, knives (and other sharp objects) are readily available.

On Friday, September 22nd, IKMF Expert 4, Jean Paul Jauffret, is offering a workshop, Surviving Knife Assaults.
Jean-Paul Jauffret

: 3hrs . During the first 30-40 minutes, Jean Paul will talk about real life assaults to give participants a better understanding of how knife assaults actually occur.  The remaining time is devoted to "hands-on" training.

Jean Paul explain a knife defense to workshop participants

Who Can Participate?
 Adults 18 and up.  Beginners welcome!  No experience necessary.
Location: IKMF Toronto.  2156 Yonge St. Lower Level.
When: Friday, September 22nd, 6 to 9pm
What to Bring: Indoor running shoes, workout clothes, water.
Price: 60
How to Register:  Contact Christopher Gagne (IKMF Toronto), at