Saturday, November 28, 2015

Krav Maga: What You Learn in 3 months, 6 months, 1 year....

Many people are goal oriented and like to get a sense of what they will learn during their training.  Here is a general description of what you will learn in 3, 6, and 12 months.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Effective Striking Workshop (Saturday Nov 28th, 4-6 pm.)

Striking is fundamental to self defense.  To effectively defend yourself in most situations you need to strike effectively to stun or disable an assailant.

This workshop will help you to:

  • strike to maintain or create distance
  • strike in close quarters
  • strike in all directions
  • strike vulnerable points to better your chances of escape and survival

Beginners welcome!
2156 Yonge St.  IKMF Toronto

For more details contact Christopher Gagne at 416-657-1028 or

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Our Corporate Self Defense Programs

Our Vision
We stand for every one's inherent right to live in safety.  We aspire to keep our families and communities safer by helping men, women, and children (regardless of age and physical strength) learn practical life-saving self-defense.

Our corporate training programs can be a valuable part of your workplace wellness program.  Besides offering your staff the security of practical self defense training there are other benefits:

Managing stress: You are often faced with tight deadlines, and sometimes long hours.  Our programs offer a great way to release stress and how to cope with it.  Through physical exertion, self defense training offers a very effective stress reliever.   We also make training fun.  Assaults, of course, are inherently stressful and an important part of our training is performing under stress. 

Team building:  There is something about learning together that promotes team building.  Learning practical self defense, including learning how to work together to protect each other, goes a long toward building trust and and teamwork.

What Each Workshop Includes

Learning Awareness: All training emphasizes awareness.  This involves developing a better understanding of your environment.  Where are the exits/escape routes?  Are there objects you can use to protect yourself?  Who is in the area?  How do assailants behave?  What is their body language telling you? 

Understanding Real Assaults: Our training helps you to understand how assaults actually happen based on real life events.  

Adaptable: Learn to defend various assaults (grabs, holds....) in a variety of contexts (small space, standing, siting, etc....).  Assaults are unpredictable and learning to adapt is vital to protecting yourself.  


We offer an introductory workshop that gives you an overview of various topics.  The other workshop focus on particular topics.  Take a look...

I. Introduction to Krav Maga:.  This workshop offers you an overview of how to protect yourself. Topics include include avoidance and escaping tactics, escaping grabs, effective striking, defending against strikes and an introduction to surviving weapon assaults. 

II. Your Body as a Weapon (Striking) .  You need to strike to effectively to defend against a determined attacker.  During training you learn what tools are most effective according to direction, distance, and situation.   Elbows, palm strikes, knees, kicks....   

Rear elbow vs close attack from behind
III. Escaping holds, Grabs, and Chokes
Unfortunately, an assailant usually has a size and strength advantage. and will try to control with brute force.  When releasing from holds you will have to attack weak points with your strong muscle groupings.  With wrist releases, for instance, you attack their thumbs, the weakest point in their grip. With other holds, particular those of immediate danger (see choke release below) you need to effectively strike e vulnerable points of their body. 
Pluck and palm strike vs choking attacker
IV. Using common objects to protect yourself.  Your office, your home, your pockets, there are objects you can use to protect yourself - back packs, coffee, umbrellas, coins....

V. Surviving Armed Assaults.  Assailant can use weapons (sharp objects, blunt objects, guns) to attack or threaten. This workshop gives you the tools to survive weapon attacks.  

Defending vs gun threat.
VI. Defending Sitting and on the Ground: Assaults can occur while you are sitting (e.g. subway, booth), or on the ground where you are especially vulnerable.  Learn how to survive strikes, holds and chokes, fall safety and get up quickly.  

Defending on the ground


I organized two Krav Maga sessions at the workplace as a Wellness initiative in which Chris led. The sessions were practical, useful, and thoroughly enjoyable! Chris was a friendly and knowledgeable instructor who is an absolute pleasure to work with. Employees were extremely satisfied with what they had learned in the brief 1-hour Corporate class and look forward to bringing back the program in the near future. I recommend IKMF without reservation.

Rachel Malin 
Marketing Analyst
BIC Inc. Canada

For more information please contact:

Christopher Gagne 
Owner and Lead Instructor
International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF), Toronto