Tuesday, March 5, 2013

20 Potential Questions for P1/P2 Level Testing

Learning Krav Maga self-defense goes far beyond performing various techniques.  You must understand why we execute techniques the way we do, when to use them, and the general principles involved.

Here are 20 questions you should be able to answer by the time you take your test.
  1. Who was Imi?  Who is the Director of the IKMF? (hint: for our April 14th testing Toronto he will be the one standing in front of you).  Who is the Canadian Director?
  2. What is your weight distribution for the outlet/fighting stance?  Describe your hand position.
  3. Why is rotation and recoil so important for punches, palm strikes, hammer strikes, elbows....?
  4. When punching, what part of the fist are you striking with? What is the angle of the fist?
  5. How many elbow strikes are there?  How many hammer strikes?  Demonstrate.
  6. Match the strike with the distance  1) elbow 2)regular kick  3)straight punch  to a)long, b)short, c)medium.
  7. 200% defense? Discuss.
  8. Inside Defense.  Outside Defense.   Define.  Why do we have these options?  
  9. What is a 360 defense?  Why "360"?
  10. Link all techniques with a real life situation.
  11. When defending against a headlock where do we grab?  Why?  Describe how to effectively push back/rotate the attacker's head.  
  12. Preventing chokes.  How does the attacker's distance, hand position, and perceived aggression impact how you prevent?
  13. What is a plucking release?  Why do we use it?
  14. Why do we "scan"?
  15. Getting up from the ground.  Why 3 options for P1?  Identify a real life situation for each technique.
  16. How would you distinguish a regular front kick from a front defensive kick?  Think body mechanics, real life context.  Also, for P2, answer for roundhouse kick.  
  17. What part of the foot is striking when performing a sidekick?
  18. Straight punches: "1.5" and "simultaneous".  What is the difference?  (Please don't say .5)
  19. What is bridging?  Why is bridging so important for ground techniques?
  20. Why do we have "soft" techniques?  e.g. The educational block.  
More to come in a future blog this week!  

Feel free to contact me with any questions.  

Stay Safe,

Christopher Gagne
Lead Instructor, International Krav Maga FederationToronto

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  1. Really great questions for all IKMF students! I am going to pass this on to my students ;)