Thursday, January 4, 2018

I know that already! No, you don't. (Always more to learn)

It rarely happens but from time to time a student will reluctantly practice a technique, saying, "I already know it." 

My answer.  Nope. You don't.
Over the past two years, I had the opportunity to train with very high-level Krav Maga instructors, Megan Berkman, Tamir Gilad, Pierre Marques and Jean-Paul Jauffret.  During these sessions, we covered techniques and exercises I had never seen before.  We also explored ones I have been practicing and teaching for more than a decade.  I assure you I didn't "already know it." 

Last year, with Tamir Gilad, I sat in with him as he conducted a G1 and a G3 test.  Besides learning how to conduct a test from one of the best, his explanations of techniques from P1 to G3 shed light on many of the nuances and "troubleshooting options" I had not seen before.

Also, last year Megan facilitated an instructor update.  Besides pointing out some excellent ways to teach defense against ice pic attack and many other techniques, she offered insightful teaching tips that enhanced our ability to provide quality instruction to our students.

During a class with Pierre, he taught the escape from choke on the ground(P1). It is a technique I practiced and taught 1000s of times sine 2005. During this class, however, I was learning new insights about the technique and how to teach it. It was an incredible learning experience.

The following evening, I trained with Jean Paul. We covered simple combinations building up to a kick, jab, cross, knee, combination. We hit the focus mitts for the entire hour and through sheer repetition, I was able to tweak my striking and improve my speed. precision and power.

In sum, as a certified instructor of more than 10 years, I am finding ways to improve the most fundamental of techniques.  So when a student tells protests "I already that. My answer is no you don't.

There is always more to learn.

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