Monday, July 22, 2013

August 11, Workshop: Defending From A Sitting Position

Assaults can happen anytime including when you are sitting: 
  • On public transit
  • A bar or lounge
  • Outdoors – e.g. in a park
  • In a home
Defending yourself from a sitting position is a special challenge.  This workshop will cover:
  • How to get up in an efficient manner
  • Using a chair or stool to protect yourself.
  • Defending against punches and kicks while sitting
  • Surviving armed assault while sitting

Beginners welcome!

IKMF Toronto - 2156 Yonge St. Lower Level
Sunday August 11, 2:30 to 4:30pm

**ask about group rates

to register online go to:

Stay Safe,

Christopher Gagne
Lead Instructor, International Krav Maga FederationToronto

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