Saturday, February 9, 2013

Anxious About Your First Krav Maga Class? 6 Tips to Help You Feel at Ease

For many beginners, the first Krav Maga self defense class can be daunting.  After all, you are trying something new and you might have concerns about your athleticism, fitness, safety, or other issues.

Many of our students, beginners and advanced, have shared memories of their first class.  These conversations have revealed some effective ways to make your introduction to Krav Maga more comfortable.

Here are 6 tips to help you feel more at ease.

  1. Interview the instructor.  Before you take a class ask the instructor whatever questions you might have.  Do I have to be fit?  What is your teaching philosophy?  
  2. Look for testimonials.  You might find someone you can relate to or points that ease your concerns.
  3. Attend a free trial class. Also, ask if you can watch a class.  Whatever your comfort level allows.  
  4. Try a workshop.  Workshop offer a nice introduction to Krav Maga and will give you a better sense of the instructor's teaching style. 
  5. Talk with students. Students are happy to share their experiences and answer questions. 
  6. Be patient with yourself:  Don't expect to pick up all the techniques right away.  Strive to improve every class - even in small ways - and you will be fine. 

It is natural to be nervous when trying your first Krav Maga class.  Apply some of these tips and before long your confidence, along with your abilities, will grow.

Stay Safe,

Christopher Gagne
Lead Instructor, International Krav Maga FederationToronto

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