Monday, July 16, 2012

Defending Against Multiple Attackers (Principles): Avoid focusing only on one assailant only.

When confronted by multiple attackers the best course of action is to RUN.  If this option is not available you must neutralize an assailant (the one that poses the most immediate threat) as quickly and as efficiently as possible.  It is important, however, to avoid devoting excessive/exclusive attention to one assailant.  This is a frequent and very dangerous mistake. 

Imagine this scenario.

Two aggressive males approach you.  One is standing 3 feet in front of you while the other is to his left,  five feet behind him, smoking a cigarette and looking around.  

Suddenly, the closer male lunges his right hand raised to strike.  

Before he closes the distance you kick him in the groin.  You follow through with a barrage of hand strikes until he falls to the ground.  Then, you make a critical mistake.  As he falls, you jump on him intent on inflicting more damage.

Suddenly, you feel a sharp pain in your ribs.  You fall to the ground gasping for breathe.  The other man has kicked you in the stomach.  You didn't see him because you fixated on one attacker.  Now, both men are upon you. 

What should have happened?

In this case, kick the first attacker then run (if there is an accesible exit and you are a decent runner).  If running is not an option you must neutralize the primary threat as soon as possible while being aware of the secondary attacker.   There are many ways to do this.

At ikmftoronto we train you to quickly neutralize attackers and to be aware of secondary dangers.  Students are placed in multiple attacker scenarios (relative to their training level) and are challenged to make life saving choices.  As students progress, these scenarios become increasingly realistic and decisions are made faster. 

Defending against multiple attackers is a formidable challenge.  One must make practical decisions very quickly.  Our training gives you the tools to do this.  
Again, if you can avoid or escape such situations please do so!  Prevention is the best choice.

Stay safe,

Christopher Gagne
Lead Instructor
International Krav Maga Federation, Toronto

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