Sunday, July 1, 2012

5 Tips for Escaping Chokes and Holds

Our Krav Maga self defense instructors in Toronto and Oakville devote significant class time to teaching students how to avoid, escape, and survive various holds. 


The simple answer is that these assaults are relatively common.  Assailants often attempt to physically control their victim during a robbery, fight, sexual assault, or abduction.  These can include chokes, headlocks, bear hugs, and hair pulls.  They can also come from various directions and occurs in different situations (e.g. walking, sitting, on the ground).

Here are some general points to remember when dealing with these assaults:

  • act as soon as possible as every second gives the attacker an opportunity to strike, strengthen their hold, or get help from other attackers
  • release a hold at its weak point (i.e. wrist release weak point is thumb and forefinger)
  • when necessary strike (knees, groin strikes, elbows, biting) a vulnerable point on the assailant's body
  • learn to prevent holds (in cases when you are able to see imminent assault)
  • when possible flee the scene (remember: in close quarters your visibility is compromised, hindering your ability to see you assailant's movements as well as any nearby dangers - e.g other attackers) 

Of course, this only represent a very general introduction to the problem.  Consistent training with a quality instructor can give you the skills to effectively deal with various holds.

Stay safe,

Christopher Gagne
Lead Instructor and Owner
International Krav Maga Federation(IKMF), Toronto

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