Friday, March 18, 2016

April Seminars: Managing Your Survival Stress (April 9), Surviving Public Shooting (April 10)

We are happy to announce two great seminars coming up very quickly: 
April 09:  Managing Your Survival Stress
April 10.: Surviving Public Mass Shooting

Krav Maga Nation owned by Henry Karabela will be organizing two seminars in the beautiful WuXing Martial Arts studio, offered by the new SOS TACTICAL TEAM.

Our Theory part is based on the most current scientific research in areas such as biomechanics, exercise physiology, survival responses to extreme environments, training methods... We also have demonstrated expertise in security consulting, risk assessment, strategic consulting. SOS TACTICAL delivers only precise and scientifically validated information.

Our Practice part benefits from our expertise in Modern Urban Self-Defense (combat, krav maga, CQB...) and from our experience in field operations (Firefighting, Police, SWAT, Military). Safety and training first! Our self defense seminars are always adapted to the fitness level of the participants.

For more information visit:

Below are some posters with more information (location, times) about the seminars.  

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