Thursday, June 28, 2012

Abduction Prevention: 5 Practical Self Defense Tips

In May 2011, a woman was walking along Lakeshore Avenue in Toronto when two men tried to pull her into their vehicle.

Thankfully, she escaped.  Such incidents reinforce our efforts to teach our Krav Maga students various self defense techniques to avoid abduction.  Here are some general tips:

  • Walk facing traffic. Encroaching drivers are more visible and have to turn their vehicle around to follow you.
  • Maintain distance.  If you are giving directions, for example, do so from a distance.  Do not approach the vehicle or walk to a more private area. 
  • Don't let communication or music devices impair your ability to spot danger
  • Travel light:  Carrying heavy loads slows your escape. 
  • Be aware of escape routes.   
Of course, there are situations where an abduction attempt is unavoidable.  These call for quick and decisive actions that we train our students to perform reflexively and effectively. 

If you any questions about this topic or any other self defense issues please feel free to contact us.

Stay safe,

Christopher Gagne
Lead Instructor and Owner
International Krav Maga Federation(IKMF), Toronto


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